ID: 24683
A free and serious remonstrance to Protestant dissenting ministers;

NEAL, Nathaniel,, A free and serious remonstrance to Protestant dissenting ministers; on occasion of the decay of religion. With some observations on the education of youth for the ministry. By a Layman. London: printed in the year MDCCXLVI [1746].

8vo., 42pp., in new boards with printed title label. A very good copy.

First edition: very scarce.

The author seems to have been Nathaniel Neal, secretary to the Million Bank, and son of Daniel Neal (1678-1743), author of a History of the Puritans. Nathaniel says (Advertisement) that his "sole reason of printing this letter, was to procure a number of copies to disperse at the easiest expence. But as it will not be published or sold, so the author intends to use all possible caution to prevent any of them falling into the hands of the laity ...... The distribution of this letter", he adds, "is intended to be as general a may be, amongst the ministers, to prevent any one's thinking himself pointed at". Amongst much other advice, Neal wonders about the lack of worldliness of candidates for the ministry. "Do they study human nature, the temper and taste of the age, the fashionable weaknesses or vices of men, which are the inlets and sources of these evils?" But he cautiously explains in a footnote that he did not mean that ministers, "especially younger ones, should keep a great deal of company, or engage in public diversions, &c. in order to know the world, (according to the common phrase)".