ID: 27101
Exposition of the motives, founded upon the universally received Laws of Nations,

MICHELL, Abraham Louis,, Exposition of the motives, founded upon the universally received Laws of Nations, which have determined the King (of Prussia) upon the repeated instances of his subjects trading by sea, to lay an attachment upon the capital funds, which his Majesty had promised to reimburse to the subjects of Great-Britain, in virtue of the Peach-Treaties of Breslau and Dresden; and to procure, out of the said capitals to his said subjects, an indemnity for the losses which they have sustained by the depredations and violences of the English privateers, exercised upon them on the high seas. London: J. Raymond [1752].

8vo., xv + (4) + 8 - 131 + (1)pp., recent marbled boards lettered on spine. A very good copy.

With parallel English and French texts this is a comprehensive challenge to the British government of George II by Frederick II of Prussia through his ambassador to Britain, Abraham Michell (1712-1782). He complains that English privateers were out of control, Prussian goods were being stolen including those exported in neutral ships. the final (substantial) section of this comprehensive "exposition" comprises a "specification of Prussian ships taken on the high seas, against the rules established by the Law of Nations, unjustly detained .....", and a specification of the neutral ships, taken and unjustly detained, against all the Laws of Nations, by the English marine .....". Both lists (pp. 90-131) record, in some detail the names of the ships and captains, the names of the English privateers who took them, the voyages in which the capture was made, the date of the capture and time of detainment, the names of the Prussian subjects who suffered damage thereby, and "upon what account, and of what sort of merchandize".