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The Bath Protestant.
PERIODICAL: THE BATH PROTESTANT,, The Bath Protestant. Bath, Bath Reformation Society, printed by T. Cook, June 1838 [ - May 1840], First and only printing.
ID No: 27391
The Birmingham Register, or, Entertaining Museum.
PERIODICAL: THE BIRMINGHAM REGISTER,, The Birmingham Register, or, Entertaining Museum. Birmingham: printed by and for J. Sketchley, sworn appraiser, auctioneer, and salesman, in the High-Street; and sold by Mr. Luckman, printer in Coventry; Mr. Pryse, Shrewsbury; Mr. Clare, Bewdley; Mr. Guest, Dudley; Mr. Taylor, Kidderminster;
ID No: 19043
The Cabinet.
PERIODICAL: THE CABINET,, The Cabinet. Norwich: printed and sold by J. March. Sold also by J.S. Jordan, Fleet-Street, London. 1795
ID No: 27151
The Fleet Papers;
PERIODICAL: THE FLEET PAPERS,, The Fleet Papers; London: W.J. Cleaver and John Pavey. [Jan.2] 1841 - [Sept.7], 1844, First collected edition.
ID No: 22533
The London Pioneer;
PERIODICAL: THE LONDON PIONEER,, The London Pioneer; London, R.D. Cousins [April 1846 to April 1848]
ID No: 28469
The Manchester Iris:
PERIODICAL: THE MANCHESTER IRIS,, The Manchester Iris: Manchester: printed and published by Henry Smith, St. Ann's-Square. 1822 [ - 1823]
ID No: 28372
The North Georgia Gazette, and Winter Chronicle.
SABINE, Edward Editor,, The North Georgia Gazette, and Winter Chronicle. London: John Murray. 1821
ID No: 23395
The Norwich Magazine. 1835.
PERIODICAL: NORWICH MAGAZINE,, The Norwich Magazine. 1835. Norwich: Josiah Fletcher, n.d. [1835], First (collected) edition: all published. Very scarce: COPAC locates a BL copy only. Not in Wiener.
ID No: 15260