ID: 26402
An extensive bundle of approximately 200 letters and other communications all addressed to John Irving, a Carlisle stockbroker,

MANUSCRIPT: John IRVING, STOCKBROKER, CARLISLE,, An extensive bundle of approximately 200 letters and other communications all addressed to John Irving, a Carlisle stockbroker, from private clients requesting advice on the purchase of shares and bonds, others from commercial correspondents including mining companies, railway developers and banks regarding share prices and investments, and some from agents and brokers, mostly in London. Virtually all the letters are dated February 1865.

This is an extraordinary archive illustrating the daily business of trading in stocks and shares of a Victorian stockbroker. London Correspondents> include L. Green & Co. of 113 Fenchurch St; John Patton Junr. & Co. of 147 Fenchurch St; Grierson, Cole & Co. of 1A Princes St; Henry H. Thompson of 17A Telegraph St; John Allan & Sons, 2, Leadenhall St; Charles Alcock & Co. Fenchurch St; The Joint Stock Discount Company Limited, 6/7 Nicholas Lane, Lombard St; Caldbeck Fells Lead & Copper Mining Company, 192 Gresham House; S.H. Angier & Co., 4 Eastcheap; W.E. Corner and Son Ship and Insurance Brokers, 138 Leadenhall St; H. Luke Robinson, 105 Leadenhall St; Robinson and Fleming, 21, Austin Friars; Gray, Beavis & Co., steamship, ship and insurance brokers, 58 Lombard St; H. Clarkson & Co, 147 Leadenhall St, &c. &c. Of these, the most prolific correspondence was with the London firm of brokers, Henry H. Thompson of 17A Telegraph Street, Moorgate St. E.C. from whom there are no fewer than 23 letters all dated February 1865; 7 letters are from the ship brokers and commission merchants S.H. Angier & Co. of 4 Eastcheap, and 10 from Robinson & Fleming of 21 Austin Friars. Provincial correspondents> include the Carlisle City & District Bank; the Home and Colonial Assurance Co. Ltd., Liverpool; John Wright & Co., ship brokers in Glasgow; Samuel Keith, Shipbroker & commission agent in Belfast; Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith Railway, Keswick; Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway, Whitehaven; Cumberland Union Bank; Rigghead Slate Works; Carlisle & Cumberland Bank, Carlisle; Henry Burn, rope & twine maker, Hexham; the North Eastern Railway, York; Maryport and Carlisle Railway, Maryport; Union Iron & Brass Works, Carnarvon; Bahr, Behrend & Co., Liverpool; J. & W. Jackson, timber merchants, Whitehaven; William Thomson & Co., wood merchants, Dumfries; The Lancashire Insurance Company, Maryport; Curry, Weyergan & Co., timber merchants, Newcastle on Tyne; &c. &c. It is amply evident that Irvine's relationship with the London stockbroker Henry H. Thompson was crucial to Irvine's success. there was, it seems, almost a daily exchange of correspondence between Irving and Thompson, the London broker giving detailed reports on the stock market in general and on specific shares in particular, and it was Thompson who brokered purchases and sales of shares for Irvine's clients. It is also evident from this bundle of correspondence that John Irving was not only a stockbroker but also a shipping agent and general all-purpose broker with strong business relationships with several London firms. Judging solely by the evidence from this single month's correspondence, he was hard working, successful and respected, and engaged in February 1865 in an extraordinary range of business.